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We made it. David has been  talking with eyes closed for the last few hours and Holden is deliriously happy.

On the flight Holden’s hair went straight and limp. And I realized, it is quite long.  By the time we arrived in Banglaore the flight attendants and fellow parents were telling me how well behaved my daughter was. One mother told Holden that the other girl on the flight cried too much, and Holden was the quietest girl. I didn’t correct her,.

After a 30 hour journey with a two-year old, I am deeply indebted to the following companies:

Apple for making an ipad which is really only useful for occupying small children. Thank you Steve Jobs, you rat bastard.

And this company:

Bless you Macro junk. Bless you.

I know I have said it before over and over – so I guess you aren’t holding your breath – but for the avid miss stan dot com readers (all two of you!) – 2012 is going to be awesome! Filled with erudite posts! Many remoras! Harvard baby graduates! Boring Ashtanga complaints!

I have some goals for 2012;

1. I want to write more.

2. I am excited to work more on the Macrobiotic Centre of Toronto. And, well, eat more at the Macrobiotic Centre of Toronto.

3. I am forcing my son to go to Harvard this year.

So the next month or so will be mostly disappointments TRIUMPHS! from my latest sleep plan and lots about food. Just to catch you up, last night I accidentally fell asleep in Holden’s bed at 2a, which is not part of the sleep plan. Boo! Today I made sushi with almond butter on the rice. Sounds not great, but it is actually incredibly yummy and the baby loved it.

Winter is a great time to do all this goal-setting business. I like to bitch about coats and trudging through snow, but I like the crisp newness of winter. I love the way Toronto looks like a city of gingerbread houses after a snowfall. I love the bare Hallowe’eny trees, but if you look closely you can see tiny little buds – like a secret promise for a beautiful spring day.

Here is a picture of Holden, taken this afternoon in the park by the gingerbread houses.

I hope your nights are beautiful and happy. I hope I can connect more with you (yes, all two of you) in 2012.

I had my second macrobiotic consultation with Warren Kramer over the weekend. Having someone go through your diet in detail and listen to all your boring ailments is such a treat. There is a point where I wonder why I am paying someone to tell me to drink beer, take naps and get out more often. But with this practice and my vegan macro diet – I can tend to eat like I am quite sick. As Warren, pointed out, I have to release pressure and let go a little. Otherwise, I eat 50 million cookies every night  to compensate for my monkish beans and brown rice.

New directions include enjoying my body scrub (basically impossible – I loathe it for no good reason). eating more mild yin (apples, cooked pears, rice syrup, warm sake) and as Warren says, “give yourself a break and lie down once in a while” (also next to impossible). Of course, we talked a lot about the baby and why he never sleeps.

The current dilemma is how to wake up when the baby has been up all night, get dressed and presentable, get the baby dressed and presentable, warm up his macro food for breakfast, and be bundled up in the car by 6a. And maybe I can do all of that, just not before the 6a part.

See, why pay for a consultation when you can blog about all the mundane details of your life?

Hey, have I blogged about this yet?

YouTube Preview Image

David wrote the script while we were in India in February trying to get the baby to nap. The production is pretty cool and it is a nice little piece of Ashtanga geekery. He did good, IMHO.

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We went to New York in April. We stayed in a room the size of my laundry basket. I thought that would be crummy, but I love my family so much – it was an adventure.

We went to Central Park

We ate a lot of food prepared by disgruntled Whole Foods workers. We also ate at Souen.

We had dinner with Momo, Alice, Devora, Nancy and Aileen. Holden and I had coffee with our American friends Tova and  LiAsh. Catching up was awesome. Here is a picture of Alice so I can invade her privacy.

Holden saw some art.

Often when we travel, we tend to look like refugees.

We have no business being in New York, really. I loved it, but it made happy to live in Toronto where I can own a home and I don’t have to be a gajillionaire.

Now we are home, and Holden is almost walking and very fond of chickens.

Today we didn’t need walk around looking for housing in the midday sun, and so we had a bit of a lazy day. We practiced, ate breakfast, made kettle miso, did the laundry, talked AYCT business, hung out and then went out for South Indian thali with gobi manchurian.

gobi manchurian

Gobi manchurian is supposed to be Chinese-style cauliflower. It is actually double deep-fried cauliflower and like most things double deep-fried it is quite delicious. Alice told me that I should be eating deep-fried things to relax my pregnancy induced yang condition.  Therefore, I should be eating gobi manchurian constantly.

At lunch, we bumped into Jenny and Raven from the Ashtanga Yoga Shala in Victoria. This is the second time we have completely invaded their quiet midday meal. They are going to start avoiding the Green Leaf if it happens again, I’m sure.

jenny and raven

One more food related item: bananas. I’m not crazy about bananas in Toronto. I don’t eat them that often, they taste good in things rather than on their own. And unless you are a big geek and own a banana carrier, they always become a little mushy and unsatisfying when they are carted around. In India the bananas are tiny, very yellow, and delicious. You buy about 15 at a time and one goes very nicely with cereal in the morning. I remember coming back from India in 2008 and thinking that a regular banana was a ridiculous amount of mealy yukky food. I think I read somewhere that the right amount of fruit to eat will fit in your hand. Anymore than that is too much.

babybananaBaby Banana = perfect.

Practice today went well. Sharath made disapproving noises as he stood in front of me during my dropbacks. I’m not sure what that means and I think that is OK. I suppose, like most things, it will all be revealed with time.

David, very kindly, put up a link to this blog on ashtangatoronto.com and once I get my rss feed up and working you can be constantly updated on my terribly exciting life.

Critter Corner:

We met a cow a block away from our house that really, really wanted to be featured in this blog. In fact, she blew her nose and sprayed us with snot  a couple times before David managed to get the photo. I feel her pain, this pregnancy has turned me into a snotty mess as well.


Unlike the cow, I will endeavour (however strong the urge) not to shower strangers with mucus.