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Ok. Let’s take a moment to dip into the excuse bag. I was busy. it was Hallowe’en. We’ve been eating too much candy. Holden wore underwear at home. I’ve been stressing about money/daycare/house junk.

We raked the leaves outside our house though. So, if this blog was my lawn it would look well-maintained. Okay, maybe well-maintained twice a year. Actually, that sounds just about right.

Today was Mom and Holden day. We went the farm and did some off-roading and ate peanut butter sandwiches.

Because I had such an awesome day, I felt a surge of positive energy towards being a parent and I joined a vegetarian parent’s group in Toronto. I obsessed over which picture to put in my profile, and spent several minutes examining the potential candidates for chicken neck and wrinkly eyes. The funny thing about doing stuff like that is the whole point of the group is to meet up and have play dates or whatever. And, like, they are going to see my chicken neck – so why try and hide it?

Anyway, whilst looking for the picture that is the cutest, prettiest version of me possible I ended up stumbling across this incredible website Vegetarians are Evil . The best part is in the bottom right hand corner where the author suggests that drinking soy milk will make your son gay. Which of course, is really remarkable science, but reason enough to support the soy industry.

Here is a video of Holden at Hallowe’en. I just want to say that it was his idea to be a peacock and it has nothing to do with his consumption of soy beverages. We shot this video after visiting five houses in the neighbourhood. It could also be entitled – “What candy does to your brain” because he is so candy-crazed and can barely speak or use his fingers.

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