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I am a girl called Stan. I was a kindergarten teacher for seven years before I decided to manage my husband’s yoga studio and become a writer. I would love to live on a farm, write a book, sing beautifully, and continue to learn and be curious about the world around me.



February 16th, 2010

and so you will, gorgeous… xxo

May 23rd, 2010

and so you will, gorgeous… xxo

Milica Guberinic

March 18th, 2011

Yes, please write a book! I love reading your blog. There is something about the way you write. -Mil

May 15th, 2011

hey Stan

Awesome website 😉

I run an event called The Future Sound of Yoga http://www.futuresoundofyoga.com – a fusion of yoga, movement and music with a live DJ. I know you are based in Toronto (we are in Australia) but wanted to share our Yoga Mix with you so you can practice to it at home.. its a free download 😉


with love


January 19th, 2014

Hey Miss Stan!

My baby is turning 5months old and I was wondering when and how you introduced solid foods to your son. Also is he vegetarian? If yes, how you have educated/explained vegetarianism to him. This could be an interesting topic for an article on your blog or you can just message me back the Coles Notes answer. THANKS!



January 19th, 2014

Hi Natalya,

I believe I started a little before 6 months. I was all excited about it, but then I realized that I mostly just smeared food on his face. If you baby looks interested in food, he is probably ready to try. Just prepare to make the food and then cover yourself and him with food and he won’t have eaten a thing.

I think kids get the whole vegetarian thing more than we give them credit for. Holden is 100% vegan. I just told him that we don’t eat animals and once I told him that – he got it – no questions asked. It only makes sense, he loves animals. Sometimes, when we are out at a store or restaurant, he will ask for yogurt or ice cream. I tell him that the ice cream is made from cow’s milk and cow’s milk if for baby cows not humans – he gets that too. That said, I don’t make him sit in an ice cream parlour or a bakery where he had no treat options. Once when he was little, he wanted to try an egg at a restaurant. I didn’t feel like buying it, so I said no. But if he wanted to try something now, knowing that it comes from an animal, I would say yes. At some point he is going to want to eat those things. I would rather that we could talk about it openly.

Anyway, good luck with your baby! So great!


May 30th, 2014

Hello Stan,
is there any chance to write you private letter? haven’t find any feedback here. Thank you, Anna.

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