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Packing and goodbye day. The nice thing about Mysore are the “See you soon” variety of goodbyes. We had a lot of those this morning. I hope we can stay in the same apartment again. Rupa, Raghunandan, and their son Anirudh were so lovely and welcoming. Rupa gave me a little bracelet today, and the hilarious ladies, Madima and Sheshi, who work for the family came up to say goodbye. Madima talked to me for quite a while in Kannada. It is a promise David and I have made to each other to learn Kannada next time we come.

I will really miss seeing Ani running around in his underwear showing me flower buds in the morning. He is a true muppethead.

I said a quick goodbye to Saraswathi after led primary today. She told me to keep backbending, “Until the very end.” She also said I could start leaving out kurmasana and marichasana when I feel ready. Shoulderstand and headstand are OK, depending on how I feel. I was sort of hoping because I currently dislike shoulderstand.

We caught Sharath after David had finished led intermediate, and we managed to say a few words before he rushed out. He said he will come back to Toronto next year (yipee!).  He told us to send photographs of the baby. David joked that he would name the baby Sharath.

“But it is a girl.” said Sharath.

So, there you have it, Sharath cast his vote. Saraswathi passed on her pregnancy wisdom. And we are enjoying our last night in India at the St. Marks Hotel.

See you on the other side.

I had a good practice today. No goods or greats, but I felt fine. Our new time slot is 6a, so I am trying to get used to hauling myself out of bed an hour earlier. If you have been reading this blog, you can understand that it would really mess with my incredibly busy schedule here in Mysore.

It s nice to practice a little earlier because the heat is becoming quite oppressive. Today it reached 35 and by Sunday it is supposed to go up to 37. By midday, unless there is fan trained on me and I am holding a cold drink, I start to having trouble processing basic information.

The other day, we went to visit Shiva’s pugs and he showed us how he kept them cool by spraying them with a water bottle occasionally. The pugs seem to love it. Today, David and I sprayed each other with water – it was fantastic. I made orange juice popsicles in the ice cube tray. I pray the electricity doesn’t go off for too long. I love orange juice popsicles!

The big news here is the Swami Nithyananda sex tape scandal. Nithyananda was quite popular, built many ashrams, and received donations from all over the world for his work. He has an ashram very close to Bangalore. This swami is young and handsome, and according to Lakshmish has at least 3 friends.

His followers are so upset they have burnt down his ashram and are now hitting his picture with their shoes (don’t do this to the computer screen at home, no matter how disgruntled you are about his friends).

I wonder how many Swamis have sex tapes?

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Tourist day in Bangalore. We got up and squeezed through traffic to get to Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. The gardens were built in the 1660s – it was beautiful to be in all that green and shade.

It was also early enough before the smog sets in to see the whole city from the temple.

I think they must have found out about David’s authorization and my thrill-a-minute blog, because we had to take many pictures with the Indian tourists. Le sigh.

Or maybe we just look like freaks.

We walked around MG and Residency Road and looked at the huge Western shops and the amazing amount of Chinese restaurants. Because we are so cool the only thing we bought was silken tofu and some bok choy.

Bangalore is relatively quiet during the day, and right now at 7:30p the city starts to come alive. The bars are bustling and you can hear the beeping of rickshaws and taxis taking people to work so they can talk to people in the west. We are getting ready to go out into the fray for snacks.

I hope your day starts as wonderfully as mine is ending.

We did led primary, went to Sanskrit, and skipped out on the meeting because Sharath told us we didn’t have to go. Then we hopped on a train to Bangalore. We got AIR CONDITIONED seats on the train. It was freezing! So great.

There were only a few people in our car, because very few people brought their winter jackets.

I am used to sleepy old Mysore, so Bangalore is a change of pace. It is the third biggest city in India and the traffic is pretty nutty. Here is a picture from the rickshaw we took to the hotel. The traffic is squeezes about 5 cars/rickshaws across. The exhaust, the honking, the safety first mentality (cover your eyes and pray) – it is overwhelming.

But also really fun. We knew we were in a bigger city when we saw this magazine at a coffee shop:

Lesbian and gay poetry? That would never fly in conservative Mysore. ¬†Tonight we are relaxing at the hotel, St Marks, which is fantastic and the bathroom is gorgeous. I tried to take a picture, but it didn’t do it justice. Here is a picture of David looking at the takeout menu while watching the Discovery Channel.One month without television, I’m so deprived! Got to go watch the Hindi movie channel!