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Dear Readers (aka my immediate family),

On Thursday (two sleeps), David and I will be finding out if the baby is a boy or a girl. Or they might not be able to tell us. Here at Miss Stan dot com, we believe in polls. And this is the perfect time for one. I will reveal the information on Friday – so stay tuned! Note: this isn’t a gender reveal – you will have to wait until the baby is out and maybe 10 or 11 years old to guess that. This is strictly nuts and bolts, so to speak.

Here are the details to keep in mind while voting in the SUPER IMPORTANT poll:

1. David has made one boy and one girl already – so looks like both are entirely possible.

2. This pregnancy I have been WAY WAY more sick than my first.

3. People tell me I look rested and glowing. The same people also tell me I look big, so I can’t imagine they are trying to spare my feelings.

4. When we went in for the first ultrasound the Russian technician told me, “It looks like a package.” When she showed me the baby’s bum, it did, indeed, look like a package.

5. My parents have told me that I can have another baby as long as it is a girl.

6. Holden says he has a baby in his belly too. He tells me the baby is really growing and wants to play with toys. His baby’s name is Paprika. Mostly, she is a baby sister, but today it was a baby brother. No word yet on the due date.

7. I have extraordinarily bad intuition about this stuff. I was pretty shocked both times to find out I was pregnant. I was also fairly convinced that Holden was a girl. That said, I am leaning the way of the Russian sonographer.

Choose wisely:


The ultrasound went like this:

Technician: Oh, it is a girl!

Stanny: A girl!?

Technician: Oh, no. Wait a minute. Don’t cry. I think it might be a boy.

I wasn’t about to cry, fyi. But then, we had a 5 minute discussion about whether the shadow was a penis or the umbilical cord. Her best guess was boy. I think she is right. I am super excited.

On a side note, at the end of the ultrasound, I did ask if anyone had ever cried when she told them the sex. She said once a woman cried and cried. The technician seemed dumbfounded, “What does it matter?” And she is right.

I am really excited/scared shitless for August. Thanks for voting.

And I will let you know when Paprika is due. Holdie told me she is coming soon.