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Hurray! Tomorrow is Friday, led primary and my day off. My shoulder is still causing me some grief, but I didn’t crunch into it too much during last night’s sleep. I’m also coming down on my knees during chaturanga, which I have resisted for some time now. I think the weight gain is too much for my arms. I need David arms for the next two months.

David has these dinner roll-shaped bicep muscles that can lift and pull 75 people a day in mysore. Mercedes inherited his strength, and although she doesn’t have David’s dinner rolls, she is crazy strong. I felt her biceps today and I was a bit jealous.

Cockroach Vampires

Just because my life is that interesting, I decided to do a little research on the notoriously factual interweb about cockroaches. I learned that cockroaches bleed white, and don’t have blood vessels. All that white blood is just sloshing around like milk in their little bodies. That sounds a little vampiric to me.

So, I looked up vampire cockroaches again on google images. I still don’t have any photographic evidence but I did happen to stumble across this picture of a “Worm Fiend”.

Worm Fiend is made of a mass of squirming worms. The literature also said, a “hive mind” helps it move. I would like to tell that hive mind to pick a different shape to emulate rather than the string doll I made in grade two. Tiger, snake, shark, huge vampire cockroach. It looks kinda flimsy and not so fiendish. Plus I feel badly for the worms who have fallen off that shaky thing and are trying to get back on.

Poll time!

Exhibit A: Small red bites on my knees and calves. (photo not available at this time)

Exhibit B: Before Sanskrit class, sitting calmly – in broad daylight – by my shoes. He is almost big enough to start wearing them.

Exhibit C: Gross!

I’m calling him Bruno. We kicked him out of the apartment, but when we returned he was waiting for us in the same spot – all kinda like, “Where’ve you been? You know I don’t have a key.”

Maybe Bruno was forced to watch this movie, entitled VAMPIRE”S KISS, at an early age, and now takes out his undead rage on humans. Don’t press play. Don’t!

YouTube Preview Image

There is a lesson in all of this: Tip and shake out your shoes before putting them on.

This morning I woke up with two little bites on my wrist. I went about my morning, made tea and prepared myself for led primary with Saraswathi. Just as I was leaving, I saw my first cockroach of the trip. A big, fat brown thing shuffling sleepily out of our bedroom and into the next room.

I posited that it might be a Cockroach Vampire, hence the two little fang marks on my wrist. David told me that the cockroach would have to be dead to get undead, and that would be unlikely because they are notoriously hard to kill.

But think about it. They don’t like sunlight, they live in a nest, and they can live through a nuclear disaster. Plus when I googled “Cockroach Vampires”, I found this colouring page for kids:

Pure evil!

Vikram and Vanessa from AYCT arrived today after spending the week in Delhi.

I’m totally giving them the Pug-in-a-Basket-I’m-all-hooked-up crown. They got an apartment, negotiated their rent down by 3,000 rupees, and signed up at the shala AND Vikram got a discount there. Unheard of! Bastards. They totally deserve it.

We took them shopping for toilet paper, and we took a picture of lovely Vanessa.

But we forgot to take a picture of Vikram too, so here is a picture of a cute dog we met instead!

But let’s get back to the Cockroach Vampire thing. Let me know what you think: