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Since, i don’t know, maybe June I have been working on Pincha Mayurasana. That is a really generous way of saying I am totally stuck. David wants me to come up with both feet, like this:

YouTube Preview Image

Laruga makes it look kinda easy. This is how I look every morning:

Except the room is warmer. But I think the sour donkey expression is pretty dead on.

Is it weird that I like being stuck on a pose? I mean, I don’t like flailing around my mat every morning. But I love the “yes you can” part of Ashtanga Yoga. Every morning I think, “Oh! maybe today!” And then, “Oh well, maybe tomorrow!”  And honestly, only a small teeny tiny part of me thinks, “I wish I could switch bodies with Laruga to do Pincha”

I think I am actually happy doing my donkey kicks! Hurray! yoga worls.

The Dalai Lama is in Bangalore on Sunday, and so Sharath cancelled class on Sunday and instead put led primary on Saturday.  I was in a great Yummy Mummy spot up front. The person next to me even apologized for bumping into me (which he actually never did). Huzzah!

With David not working and not being around the studio – I suddenly have some time on my hands. I have that kinda twitchy feeling when you are really busy and then abruptly not busy. But I like it. I should be napping, but instead I have been reading recipe reviews on the Food Network. Amazing!

The first one is this recipe from Rachel Ray for “Late Night Bacon”


  • 8 slices of bacon

Place 2 sheets of paper towel on a microwave safe plate, lay the bacon out on the paper towel not overlapping the slices. Place 2 more sheets of paper towel on top. Place in the microwave on high for 4 to 6 minutes.

And the reviews:

“I got stuck with this recipe. I could see the bacon in the package and counted 8 pieces, but I couldn’t get them out of the package because Rachael didn’t provide instructions. I’m really craving bacon. Please advise.”

“Hey Ray Ray! I loved the recipe, but thought it needed something to be a late night meal. Could you please post your recipe for toast? I’d like a recipe for a glass of milk as well, but I don’t think I could do all that in one night.”

“Personally, I think this recipe could be improved by the addition of a bit more bacon and a bit less paper towel. The taste of the towel was pretty good with all that bacon grease on it, but the texture was *awful*. I’ve tried this preparation a few times for my guests, and they always leave the towels behind. Sometimes slightly gnawed, but it’s clear they don’t enjoy them.”

And next up is Ellie Krieger’s “Dark Chocolate as a Snack”


  • 1 ounce dark chocolate

Lots of funny people wrote in:

“Ellie, I would like to double this recipe, as I’m married. Do I need to make any adjustments?”

“After scraping the chocolate shells off of a box of malt balls, I gathered the flakes into a small saucer. Confused as to what utensils to utilize, I decided to bend my neck, open my mouth and gather the flakes with my tongue. This caused my neck to go into spasms, and my taste buds to become numb. You will hear from my attorney next week regarding my injuries.”

“not easy! for starters, whats this ‘ounce’ amount you speak of? I dont work for the weights and measures department! easy recipes should use easy words.I didn’t come here to marvel at no fancy-speak”

David and Laruga left today. BOO! David is authorized level 1 and Laruga level 2 on this trip! They are going back to Stockholm to be an unstoppable duo of Ashtanga power! I am really excited for them.

But really, they should have stayed an extra month and kept us company.

Hello from Stockholm!

Things are really different here. In Copenhagen, there was definitely a Children of the Corn thing going on. I was semi-convinced that anyone over the age of 40 or not drop dead gorgeous in a blowsy, effortless way was being sacrificed and their bones were used to make quaint bicycles.

Regular humans live here. There is more racial diversity, more tourists and a bit more of the rush, rush, rush mentality we have in Toronto. Actually, it reminds me a lot of Toronto – if Toronto were nice looking. We are staying at a pretty hilarious hotel on Skeppsholmen Island right beside the Museum of Modern Art. The hotel is like the nadir of Swedish design – all look, no function. Which is a bit strange for this part of the world where everything seems to be about coming up with solutions. David and I are so wigged out by this hotel, we dragged Laruga and David down to our hotel room to check out the sink. The sink is a stone on a platform with a drain underneath. Have you ever tried bathing a baby on a stone? OMG hard.

David and Laruga are so lovely and have been amazing tour guides and have been helping us find great food. It is so nice to have a wonderful international community. I felt a little badly that they have been showing us the Theatre and the Parliament buildings and we made them walk 30 minutes so they could see our shower. Hopefully, the workshop made up for it.

Of course we went to H&M, tried on hats and stood in line (not for the hat).

The light in Scandinavia is lovely. Slightly grey and diffused without being depressing. I love walking around and staring at the sky.

Yogayama is a stunning space. The restaurant is out of this world and Eva has made us feel so incredibly welcome. This morning while I was waiting to practice, Holden and I were walking around the studio and we felt so warm and at home.

Today, Little Owl and I are going to look at modern art and tomorrow Daddy is off work and we will go on a boat tour. Yay, vacation!

I finished primary last week. Everything seems to be in working order. Only one leg will stay behind my head in Supta Kurmasana and by the time I get there, I am so pooped I can’t quite jump out of bakasana without the little cheating toe touch. I can do my dropbacks and I feel some, but not a lot of sensation in the front of my body around the incision. The biggest difference in my post-surgery practice is not being able to pick up in between navasanas. I have talked to a few c-section ladies, I haven’t talked to one who can do it yet. Does anyone, out there in interweb-land, know of a post c-section successful pickup practice? I am also hella stiff from collapsing into my back as I cart around the enormous vegan monster baby. My hamstrings are unforgiving, but that seems pretty mutable.

Speaking of carting around a monster – we bought one of these:

Word. I can put the baby down! At the moment he is having a nap, not on my chest, but on his own. Glory be. The biggest achievement so far of my mommy career is getting rid of the lame elephant mobile the swing came with and outfitting it with a smily baby face/veggie rattle/shiny heart mobile. Who wants to stare at elephant ass while trying to go to sleep?

Holden, David and I are preparing for our big trip to Copenhagen and Stockholm in less than a week. David will be teaching at the Astanga Yoga Studio in Copenhagen and yogayama in Stockholm. I have been in baby land and focusing more on logistics of flying with a two-month-old.  But really, thank the lord for Scandinavians. A seemingly complicated trip has been made so comfortable and effortlessly organized.

For example, David and I realized in a panic the other day that Mikko from Astanga Yoga Studio was picking us up and we weren’t going to have a car seat for the baby. We thought about options and whether we should just go ahead and lug a car seat around for two weeks. David wrote to Mikko, and of course, Mikko had thought of it (before even we had considered it) and had arranged to have a car seat fitted into the ride (cue angelic music). So fantastic!

The emails David and Eva from yogayama have been exchanging would restore even the most cynical person’s faith in human kindness. Eva is beyond sweet. And of course we are so looking forward to catching up with Laruga and David who have been incredibly supportive and awesome. When we were in Mysore together I was trying to keep up with the boys and and their appetites. Now that I am nursing, I am pretty sure I can go head to head with the two Davids. Woot! I love eating!

Because I am lazy and distrustful of the interweb, I would love tourist suggestions for Sweden and Denmark. Let me know if you have any advice – things I can do with a monster baby.

He enjoys: moving, looking at light fixtures and breastfeeding. He dislikes: not moving, breastmilk in a bottle, and stupid doctors. Ok, I just added in that last one.

I’m  bit of a busybody, but these last two weeks before the baby comes are supposed to be my time to relax and sleep. But the lawn NEEDS mowing! And the kitchen NEEDS cleaning! And I NEED to make pound cake! I’m getting really excited to meet the baby. Who has been in there this whole time growing, moving and hiccuping? It is such a gorgeous mystery. Sometimes, I feel like I know the person inside me. Other times, I feel so disconnected – like maybe this has all been a strange mistake and I should just be eating a little less pound cake.

When I was a little girl, I thought plane rides were big scams.You never felt like you were moving in a plane – the same way you move in a car or train or on a bicycle – the sky just stayed stationary around the windows. I wondered if maybe the plane would lift off the earth and then just hover midair until everyone below had reorganized the city to your destination of choice. Often I feel that movement and momentum, take off and landing, things are changing and moving in inexorable ways. But then I also feel liminal. I’m just waiting around, watching movies and feeling uncomfortable until someone tells me I have magically reached the place I am supposed to be.

Veronica has started a baby pool at AYCT. Everyday, I check for new possible answers – girl or boy? June 8th or June 1st? I dismiss all the answers that I don’t like – anything over 9 pounds is nonsense! anything past June 10th: crazy talk! But my guess is as good as any. Who, who is in there?

In my last post, I gloated about my ankles. Well, clearly instant karma has other ideas and only a few days later, my feet are lumps of dough that take the shape of and then rise up and swell over the rim of any shoe I wear. I’ve been strolling around in my mary janes lately, so I have these puffy little semi-circles on the top of my feet. I would post pictures, but no one needs to see that.

David make a little video of himself doing karandavasana. I haven’t made it up to there in my practice, and I have mad respect for women who can pull themselves back up – like the amazing Laruga, who I have seen do it in Mysore, India.

David’s video is cool because his head doesn’t touch the floor at all and his hands don’t meet when he comes back up. He is so crazy strong. Sometimes, when we are watching a movie, he will put his arm on my leg, and within minutes I can start to feel pins and needles.

YouTube Preview Image

Last week, Larissa posted this video on my facebook. God bless her! I was growing weary of the slow loris and this is now my daily obsession.


I’m going to go roll around in some food now.

p.s. Stay tuned: I have a little video of Pound Cake belly and I coming up in my next post.